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FLYPOWER NEW MATERIALS LIMITED strictly implements the requirement of ISO9001:2008 to establish its quality guarantee system. The system is consisted of IQC, IPQC, QA,QE, OQC and Metrology, with 50 well-trained quality management personnel equipped with most advanced testing instruments. The team conforms to the requirement of quality control regulations and makes sure the flow, from material sourcing to production and shipment, are strictly controlled. Thus we are able to guarantee the stable and reliable quality of our products.   

IQC: Checking the material, ingredients and components, making sure the original materials  meet the standard regulated by our company. 

IPQC: Check and are responsible for the quality control of the production process, detecting the abnormal situations and get them solved in time, making sure the component is qualified before it flows to the next step.   

QA: Carrying out exclusive tests according to the demand of the clients and the IEC standard.

QE: Quality engineer, responsible for releasing technical information and supervising the implement of quality control, giving advices on the improvement of product structure or production process and getting immediate issues solved.    

OQC: Responsible for the final check of products before shipment so that the quality of the made products are fully guaranteed.

Metrology: Calculation.    









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