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Cold Shrinkable Cable Accessories

Cold shrink cable accessories are capable of shrinking without application of heat. They are manufactured in a pre-expanded condition and assembled onto a removable core. The core is removed after the tube is positioned over the cable for installation, allowing the tube to shrink and providing a moisture-tight seal.
FLYPOWER cold shrink cable accessories are characterized by simple solutions with safe connection. They are manufactured with liquid silicone rubber, which has high-quality electrical insulation, excellent tracking resistance as well as high elasticity.

Cold shrink end cap BH-CSEC

BH-CSEC cold shrink end cap which made of EPDM rubber Simple and fast installation meeting a variety of configuration requirements. Providing sealing protection over multi-core cable ends Used to seal cable ends during installation or storage, protecting cable ends against moisture, contamination and corrosion.

cold shrink breakout BH-CSB

BH-CSB cold shrink breakout which Made of liquid silicone rubber.Simple and fast installation meeting a variety of configuration requirements, Providing sealing protection over multi-core cable crutch, including 3-, 4-, 5-, 6-core breakouts

Cold shrink  tubing BH-CST

BH-CST cold shrink tubing which made of liquid silicone rubber,offering good mechanical, insulation and sealing protection.Accommodating a wide range of cable sizes for indoor or outdoor applications.

EPDM cold shrink tube BH-EPDM

BH-EPDM cold shrink tube which made of EPDM rubber Offering good mechanical,insulation and sealing protection. Accommodating a wide range of cable sizes for indoor or outdoor applications Simple and fast installation.

Cold shrink joint kit 1-36KV BH-CJK

BH-CJK cold shrink joint kit is suitable for 1 or 3-core XLPE cable with Al or Cu conductor (1-36kV). The joint body is made of advanced liquid silicone rubber with integrated stress control. This design vouches for the best possible interface,thereby greatly minimizing partial discharge and improving its performance during operation. The joint kit includes all the necessary components to make the installation.

cold shrink termination kit BH-CTK

BH-CTK cold shrink termination kit is available for indoor & outdoor applications for single core and 3-core cables up to 36kV. The termination is one-piece design manufactured from high quality liquid silicone rubber. The cold shrink termination is factory expanded on a removable inner-supporting core. Once the termination is positioned onto the cable core, the supporting core is unwound and removed,and the live-memory action of the material shrinks the termination into place.The termination kit includes all the necessary components to make the installation.

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