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Other Cable Accessories

Other power cable accessories include mastic tapes,cleaning tissues and fireproofing mud,etc.

Mastic Tapes BH-T55, BH-T65 & BH-T75

BH-T55 a pliable self amalgamating tape make it easy to apply  for power cable accessory applications . the specially designed insulation give excellent compatibility with polymeric cables. screen in MV polymeric cable joints  and  terminations  to ensure the safe operation of the power system and can also be used to fill voids and gaps during installation of cable joints and terminations. BH-T65 and BH-T75 The anti-tracking sealing mastic tap is made from a non-toxic, butyl composite. The self amalgamating and solvent free make the mastic effectively used in sealing  cable  joint and terminations to provide waterproof and void-filling. 

Organic fireproof plugging/sealing material BH-OFP


BH-OFP organic fireproof plugging/sealing materialis a new type of flexible fire blocking material, widely used for power plants, substations, power of,power tunnel, metallurgy, chemicals, telecommunications, high-rise buildings and other projects in the vertical or horizontal the wire and cable through the holes of the sealing, the material can effectively inhibit channeling flame to the room adjoining holes penetrating the spread and reduce fire losses. The production of sealing a high oxygen index, smoke less combustion process,the cable after use does not affect the current-carrying capacity and long-term flexibility, and thus the construction is convenient, easy to change cables can be reused, in particular, used in bundles cable or cable-intensive regional cable and cable, the cable and plugging the gap between other objects. 

cable cleaning tissue BH-CCT

BH-CCT cable cleaning tissue,apply standard cleaning liquid special alcohol liquid. and special bag to avoid liquid come out or voltilize.

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