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Corrosion protection of pipeline

Designed for corrosion protection and thermal insulation of the buried or exposed pipelines’ weld joint. Also for the air-proofing and corrosion protection of the pipelines’ flange joint and hoop part.

Heat shrinkable sleeve for corrosion protection of pipeline BH-FRY

BH-FSY heat shrinkable sleeve for corrosion protection of pipe, which is a heat-shrinkable, tubular sleeve which prevents corrosion of welded pipe joints in distribution lines for sizes up to DN1000. This mechanically strong and flexible sleeve is compatible with all standard pipeline coatings and outer jackets. The BH-FRY heat shrinkable tubular sleeve is mainly applied to provide anticorrosive protection for field welding and insulation mending in buried or aerial. Also it is available to provide sealing and anticorrosive protection for flanged joint and insulated flange. Mainly application for oil & gas pipelines, water pipelines and compatible line coating: PE, FBE, Coal Tar.

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